Mission Statement

“Our mission at Critical Incident Response Training is to increase knowledge and proficiency in the pre-hospital care setting using evidence based medicine. We strive to increase awareness and education of laypersons and first-responders. Available courses will increase preparedness for critical incidents’ including: medical emergencies, mass casualty, and active shooter incidents. Critical Incident Response training aims to provide the community and its organization with quality medical products. Critical Incident Response Training will offer consultation to its customers to ensure they receive the equipment that is right for them.”

Who We are

Critical Incident Response Training instructors have combined experience in DoD/Military, and Fire & EMS. A high level of knowledge and expertise is expected during training and consultation. CIRT also maintains an expectation of its instructors to be knowledgeable in the latest science based medicine and curriculum for all agencies through which it offers certification. We are passionate about training and work on the principal


Critical Incident Response Training believes in providing simulated realistic training. While didactic learning is important, we believe that pairing classroom knowledge with extensive practical and simulated “hands on training” that we can better prepare the public and providers to be able to perform during a critical incident. It is our promise to students to strive to achieve a high level of realism from any simulated incident, to give you the greatest chance to succeed.

Why Train with Us?

Some people have already received training, or have another CPR company instruct at their business. Here is why you should consider Critical Incident Response Training.

  • Experience-Train with a company who has years of experience performing CPR/First Aid/Bleeding Control on live patients, from mild environments to austere environments
  • Education– Choose a company where its instructors strive to remain as educated as possible. Here at Critical Incident Response Training, our instructors our constantly taking courses to improve their knowledge.
  • Equipment– We use the latest and greatest CPR manikins which provide feedback, to let us know how our students are doing. We also supply and utilize a variety of different equipment, including Military issue (NSN) equipment.
  • Guidelines– Consider a company that constantly educates themselves on Guidelines. Why would you want to learn CPR from guidelines from 2010? We ensure that our courses are up to date, and accurate to reflect the most recent guideline changes.
  • Dedication- Last and most importantly, Dedication. Choose a company that is dedicated about increasing public education and awareness. Don’t choose the guy’s looking to make a quick buck. At Critical Incident Response Training we are highly motivated and dedicated in our lines of employment, and we strive to be the best.